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Complete GutHeal

Eliminate Symptoms of Acidity, Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhoea, IBS, GERD & Indigestion Long-Term | Gut Microbiome Test | Easy-to-Follow Dietary Recommendations based on Gut Profile | Personal Certified Nutritionists | Non - Restrictive & Non - Judgemental Guidance | Daily Check-Ins | Sova Care Manager Support | 4 Month Program | No-Result-Money-Back Guarantee

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Eliminate Excess Gas & Bloating
Repair & Optimise Motion
Eliminate Acidity & Indigestion
Total Gut Microbiome Repair
Eliminate Discomfort of Passing Motion
Long-Term Recovery from Symptoms

Eat Delicious Foods, No Worries Attached! ▼

Tired of bland salads and food anxiety? Our program lets you enjoy your favourite Indian dishes without triggering Acidity, Bloating, Diarrhoea, Constipation & Weight Gain.

Partner with our Certified Nutritionists for personalised Nutrition Plans that align with your taste buds. Enjoy meals that are not just tasty but also easy on your stomach!

Unlock Root Causes of Gut Concerns with a Gut Microbiome Test ▼

Imbalances in the Gut contribute to Acidity, Bloating, Diarrhoea, Constipation & Weight Gain. Our cutting-edge Gut Microbiome Testing reveals the secrets behind your Gut Imbalance.

No more guesswork—our program identifies the root causes and provides relief. Let your Gut Profile guide us in restoring balance, kicking discomfort to the curb!

Goodbye, Medication. Home food to the rescue! ▼

Why rely on meds when you can feast on homemade goodness?

Our Nutrition Therapy, personalised to your Gut profile, turns food & supplements into your new medicine.

Probiotics and delightful meals work together, aiming to free you from medication's grip.

Long-Term Relief, Not Quick Fixes! ▼

We're not about temporary solutions; it's a lifestyle revolution! Discover your food and lifestyle triggers for a healthier, balanced Gut and life.

Equip yourself with tools for a medication-free life, no more short-term fixes!

Gut-Heal in 4 Phases ▼

Embark on a 4-month journey of "Gut Heal."

Phase 1: Microbiome Test to decode your Gut.

Phase 2: Personalized Meal Plans by our Nutrition Coaches.

Phase 3: Bid farewell to harmful bacteria and welcome back the good guys.

Phase 4: Freedom from Digestive & Metabolic Discomforts, no medication! Comfortably reintroduce foods that were once hard to digest. The phase-by-phase process is explained further in the section below.

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Success Stories with Sova


"Sova set me up for success" says Soma who slashed heartburn by 60% in 21 days & identified food triggers (like khichdi) with the help of her Nutrition Coach 🌟

Elvis, 30

"The pain and discomfort reduced by 90% in 21 days" says Elvis as he triumphs over acid reflux, low energy & fatigue! 🌟

What to Expect

Got questions? Consult a Gut Expert

Book a consultation with Sova's Gut Health Expert. Get recommendations on your condition and which course of action is right for you.

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Our Gut Experts

Max Kushnir

Co-Founder of Sova Health,
Geneticist M.Sc. (Cancer Genomics)

Gargi Sareen

Certified Nutrition Scientist
B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Dr. Swaramya C

Medical Advisor, M.S. & M.B.B.S.
Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Avanti Arora

fantastic gut advice and life advice i must say because ur gut is ur life....I have seen a massive improvement with my gut health since my first session and he put me with his coach and has given me some fantastic tools to use to not only improve my gut health but overall life. He is extremely knowledgeable and works with you to find the best solution for you. I would highly recommend him to anyone with any type of digestive issues. He’s changed my life and i’m sure he will change yours!


yaar i really thought constipation was uncurable and only had the over counter medicines to help... mine was extreme sitauton and in 21 days.. all.. GONE


I have BEEN DEALING with stomach issues for years and years, typically having one attack every 2-3 weeks.. Finally, on the recommendation of a friend, I looked at sova. After an initial consultation and gradual rebuilding of my gut flora, in conjunction with a structured Fodmap diet, I stopped having the cramps and have moved to an ongoing maintenance regime. It is now a year since I had a tummy cramp and I can say without hesitation that the treatment has been life-changing. I even have a normal unrestricted diet.
I thoroughly recommend sova to any sufferers from IBS or gut problems.


21 days nd problem solved...I've had a really great experience working with Gargi around my acidity issues. Her sessions are very personalized; she took the time to really understand my issues and what I needed from this process. I've felt a massive improvement in my symptoms... Symptoms that have plagued me for years, and within just a few weeks of following Gargi's plan for me, have massively improved. I would definitely recommend!

Bipin Kumar

was troubled with gut issues over 4-5 years...Coach from Sova guided me through the string of bloating and IBS symptoms, providing a clear plan of action and a wealth of information to transform my eating habits. Regular sessions kept me on track, and Madhurima was readily available for questions. After suffering for too long, I'm truly grateful for his expertise in getting my life back on track, managing my ibs effectively.