Complete Gut Cleanse & Detox | Boost Your Detox with a Gut Cleanse

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21-Day Structured Cleanse | Quick Relief from Digestive & Metabolic Concerns | Microbiome Maintenance | Personal Certified Nutritionist & Care Manager | Improved Energy, Mood, Gut & Overall Health | Prevent Future Chronic Concerns

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Overall Gut Relief & Balance
Feel Lighter After Meals
Regularise Bowel Movements
Reduce Gas & Indigestion
Improve Metabolism & Energy
Increase Nutrient Absorption

Regular Microbiome Maintenance Routine ▼

Sova’s 21-Day Microbiome Health Routine offers short-term relief from indigestion, gas, disturbed sleep, low mood, and energy dips. Our Certified Nutritionists provide personalised recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle enhancements that align perfectly with your goals and taste preferences. 

Prevent Future Chronic Concerns & Gut Imbalances ▼

Save money on future medical bills by taking proactive steps towards optimal health. Prevent gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, acidity, weight gain, poor sleep, and more with our routine. We focus on restoring balance to your gut microbiome, reducing the risk of future digestive disturbances and chronic health concerns.

Increase Absorption of Supplements & Medication ▼

Maximise the effectiveness of your supplements and medication with this 3 week routine. Ensure your body derives the full benefits from any therapeutics you take by supporting proper absorption and utilisation.

Refresh Naturally with Home Food ▼

This structured detox, guided by experts, is made right in your home kitchen! Enjoy your favourite dishes, enhanced and eaten in the right combinations to promote better digestion, regular motion, increased energy and performance, and better quality sleep. Revive your gut, feel lighter and better with each meal!

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Our Gut Experts

Max Kushnir

Co-Founder of Sova Health,
Geneticist M.Sc. (Cancer Genomics)

Gargi Sareen

Certified Nutrition Scientist
B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Dr. Swaramya C

Medical Advisor, M.S. & M.B.B.S.
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Abhishek Makhija
Great coaching and IBS healing program

I came to Sova health with major IBS problems. Diarrhoea, Bloating, stomach ache and acidity.
In the past 3 months, my coach Prerna has provided me great guidance on eating proper nutrition.
I have not only reduced the symptoms of IBS, but I have also started feeling more active and energetic.
The next steps for my program are addition of more food varieties which I stopped due to IBS like Lactose and Gluten.
Prerna has also helped me understand my issues with scientific understanding and promotes yoga as a mechanism to regain my gut-health. This also has made a significant impact on my health.

Can only recommend further.

Great Coaching and IBS healing program

I am thankful to sova health, especially nutritioalist Prerana mam that I have so many gut issues like IBS-D , bloating, fatigue & not feeling well whole day. But as I start diet plan of sova health by Prerana mam, started breakfast, lunch & dinner by guided way. Gut issues decreased & feeling well & happiness increases. Microbiome test is very important , that clears all ideas about gut. I have benefitted as free from IBS issues, coverts pre diabetic to non diabetic as well as weight decreased fromm 77 kg to 73 kg. So benefitted much more.Thanks to sova health & Prerana mam as nutritionalist. Thank u very much.