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Gut Microbiome Test

Gut Microbiome Test

Comprehensive Gut Microbiome Profiling via Genomic Sequencing | 1 Free Consult with Gut Expert Included | 1 Test Kit Home Delivered

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Evaluate the degree of gut dysbiosis

Reveals missing bacterial strains in your gut, checks the degree of gut imbalance and its effect on weight, mood, digestive issues and progression of lifestyle diseases.

Insights to Prevent Symptoms & Diseases

Identifies nutrient deficiencies and intolerances, estimates susceptibility to 15 diseases and checks how your body handles medications.

Nutrition & Supplement Recommendations based on Gut Report

Gut Health Profiling to evaluate digestion, metabolism, diet, lifestyle, and nutrient levels. 

Practical food & probiotic supplement recommendations to boost your health and well-being.

Gut Expert helps Decode Gut Report

Get a FREE consult with a Gut Health Expert who will help you understand and interpret your extensive 60-page Gut Report. They’ll explain how it impacts your well-being, answer your questions, and provide expert advice on way forward.

Fix Chronic Acidity, Constipation, IBS with Science

As the gut microbes contribute to issues like constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn, use testing to identify root causes, uncover why previous solutions may not have been effective, and restore Gut balance for symptom relief.

The Gut Microbiome Test is the most comprehensive test for the gut, determining the exact number and composition of bacteria in your gut through genomic sequencing. 

Sample collection: Stool 

Note: Due to the exhaustive nature of the test, results will be available within 30 Days.

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  • Step 01

    Schedule your gut microbiome test.

  • Step 02

    Receive the kit at your home address

  • Step 03

    Collect your Stool Sample within 2 Days of receiving the kit

  • Step 04

    Send the Stool Sample back

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*After your sample is submitted, it may take 30 days for the test results to come.

Got questions? Consult a Gut Expert

Book a consultation with Sova's Gut Health Expert and Chief Science Officer Max Kushnir to get expert recommendations on your condition and which course of action is right for you.

In India, 56% of the population (1 person in every family) suffers from Gut issues. 450 million people have been diagnosed with chronic conditions. We're here to finally shift the narrative from SICKcare to HEALTHcare with a solution that lasts.

  • Max Kushnir

    Co-Founder of Sova Health, Geneticist

    MSc (Cancer Genomics)

    5+ years of experience

  • Gargi Sareen

    Nutrition Scientist

    BSc. Nutrition & Dietetics

    2+ years of experience

  • Dr. Swaramya C

    Medical Advisor

    M.S. & M.B.B.S.,

    Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Garima Sachdeva

    Nutrition Scientist

    M.Sc Nutrition & Dietetics

    2+ years of experience

  • L R Rajani

    Nutrition Scientist

    M.Sc Food Science & Nutrition

    6+ years of experience

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sambhav Jain

Bought it for my entire family we all suffer from various digesion issues. This was very useful to know what each persons problem and food allergies are. Great sova for bringing this technology to India

Kevin D'Souza

Fanstastic experience...didnt know we could test our gut microbiome to improve health till now!

Overall good experience

My coach recommended a test for me as I've been suffering for almost 4 years with acidity and constipation. i got a 60 page report and thankfully Sova schedules a consultation after test with expert to explain the report to you...Max helped me see what foods i should eat and avoid according to report and what all bacteria are missing i should eat probiotics for.

Jayant Gehi
I would highly recommend Sova

I enrolled for the Gut Health program, the test has helped me understand what role different foods are playing and clearly which food groups to avoid in my diet.
Post the consultation my complaints about bloating and constipation have considerably reduced and I would highly recommend Sova to address these issues in a short timespan.

Got doubts?


Should I be physically present at your lab at any time during this process?

No, we operate remotely, pan India and globally. Our test can be ordered online, and an easy-to-use sampling kit will be delivered to your address and picked up once the sample is ready. Please notify us once the sample is ready and we will arrange to pick up the kit from your address through our courier partner. And this whole logistics would be prepaid, and the cost is included in the test price.

Which plan comes with the Gut Microbiome Test?

The "Test + Coach" plan is inclusive of a comprehensive Gut Microbiome Test as well as 4 months of personalised Nutrition Coaching.

What does the Kit include?

The kit basically is a stool collection kit with a specialized tube containing a liquid, which is used to transport the sample without contamination and DNA degradation. Along with this all-other tools that are required to collect the sample viz., gloves, stool collection frame, protective bubble envelope with desiccant etc., will be included too. Clear instructions, with infographics about the collection process, and the relevant dos and don’ts will be sent to you along with the kit.

Can I collect the sample during menstrual period?

We do not recommend collecting the sample during the periods purely because of the comfort [or discomfort] factor for women. But if you are fine with collection, then Yes. You can collect the sample during your periods. Make sure that you collect the sample without any water/urine/blood contamination.

I am taking antibiotics. Can I collect the sample?

No. Please collect the sample after you complete your antibiotic course [which is usually 3-5 days], wait for a couple of more days [total of a week], and then collect the sample. However, if your doctor/physician have asked you to take the test during the course, or you are on long term antibiotic medication for a chronic disease, then you can collect the sample without any wait.We request you highlight the consumption of any antibiotic if the sample is collected during or just after antibiotic consumption.

Is this a diagnostic test?

No!! It is a wellness test. The test would tell you about the current status of your gut health, impact of that on other health issues, and provide you with personalized dietary, probiotic, and prebiotic recommendations for significantly improving your wellness.

How do I benefit from this test?

This test not only provides you with the current status of your gut health and disease risk analysis but extends beyond to provide you with personalized recommendations to improve your overall health. In summary we provide :-

  • A snapshot of the intestinal microbiota.
  • Pathogen and probiotic characterization.
  • Qualitative disease risk estimates based on gut microbiota.
  • Personalized and unique 3 phase nutritional recommendation based on gut microbiota.
  • Personalized supplement [probiotic and prebiotic] recommendation based on gut microbiota.

The recommendations, if implemented, can significantly improve the general wellbeing and health, but may also aid in the management of specific diseases [Ex. IBD, IBS etc.]

I am already following a well-planned diet. Why should I take this test?

That’s great!

However, is it personalized for you? based on your microbiome?

This personalization is critical, since all the food you eat passes through the intestine where these microorganisms act on them, helping in overall digestion. Different microorganisms act on different foods to produce different metabolites, which might be good or bad for our health. Since our recommendations are based on your unique microbiome, its personalized to you.

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