GutHeal No result No Pay Policy

We’re confident in our program’s ability to deliver results, which is why we have a No result, No payment policy*.

*Terms and Conditions of this policy:


The above policy is applicable only in the case of highly compliant users*, who have regularly followed the recommendations, attended the consultations with their health coach during the program, and have had their respective tests done (applicable for users on the program more than 21 days) and got no observable results.


Refund Eligibility Terms for the respective plans (subject to meeting condition A) can be found below.


Refund can only be claimed within 24hrs of the last consultation of your Gut Heal Program.

  1. i) 21-Day Plan:

As our intervention takes time to work, we would only be offering a refund to users who completed the full 21 days of the program and didn't get any observable results subject to meeting condition A.  


  1. ii) 4-Month Plan: 

Users who complete 1 Gut Microbiome Test, with no observed results on any of their metrics after 4 months are eligible for a refund. 

Users are eligible for a refund only after completion of 21 days (as our intervention takes 21 days to work effectively) and didn't get any observable results subject to meeting condition A.

After 21 days until the end of the program, if the user requests a refund they will be eligible for a refund of Rs. 8000 subject to meeting condition A. The test charges are not refundable.




Definition of Compliance: 

  • User who attended >70% of consultations 
  • Completed all blood tests. 
  • Gained >60% of agreed habits

Observable Results:

  • Significant changes in trackable health metrics/biomarkers

How to claim a refund?

Once we receive your request, our team will check your eligibility for a refund. If the refund conditions are met, the amount as applicable for your time in the program will be refunded. We will notify you once we have approved and initiated your refund. 

If you have any questions, we’re a message away!

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