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Tummy Trouble Kit ft. Max Kushnir

Tummy Trouble Kit ft. Max Kushnir

Recommended for Bloating & IBS Relief | Expert Consult | 60 Vegan Sachets for Men & Women

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No More "Sensitive Stomach" Woes

Effectively alleviate the discomfort associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leading to a calmer and more comfortable gut.

Eliminate Post-Meal Loosies & Bloating

Foster a healthier gut environment, reduce bloating, ensure optimal stool formation, and enhance overall digestive comfort, banishing those post-meal troubles.

Feel Lighter After Meals, Zero Discomfort

By comprehensively addressing both IBS and bloating concerns, this bundle empowers you to relish your favourite foods without the burden of digestive worries.

Consult with a Gut Health Expert

Pinpoint triggers, receive personalised food advice, and get answers in a consultation with Max Kushnir, a 10-year veteran in genetics and gut health.

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Discover the 'Dynamic Digestive Duo' in Max's Tummy Trouble's Kit, uniting 'Plug the Flow' and 'Pop to Debloat' for rapid relief from bloating and post-indulgence discomfort. Perfect for foodies who savor spicy or street foods and want to enjoy every bite without the after-effects.
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Why this Kit works

Max's "Tummy Trouble Kit" takes a comprehensive approach to gut health, effectively addressing both IBS and bloating concerns, ensuring you can savor your meals without digestive worries. Together, these products form a potent digestive duo:

  • This kit boasts a combined 15 billion CFU, with its strains working in harmony to cultivate a balanced gut microbiome. A balanced gut environment is vital for managing IBS and relieving bloating.
  • Saccharomyces boulardii, known for its IBS symptom-alleviating potential, helps soothe the gut and reduce discomfort.
  • The Bifidobacterium strains in "Pop to Debloat" are specifically chosen to enhance gut health, minimize bloating, and contribute to overall digestive comfort. Pop To Debloat is specifically formulated to target missing bacterial strains linked to bloating in Indians. This effectively addresses deficiencies for lasting relief.

How To Use

"Rip and Tip"
No water needed.

Bacteria colonies take time to build. Take 1 sachet of "Pop to Debloat" and 1 sachet of "Plug The Flow" after breakfast for at least 2 months.


Confused? Speak to a Gut Health Expert

Consult a Gut Health Expert to understand which foods and solutions are right for your body.


How does the "Tummy Trouble Kit," solve bloating and IBS?

The kit features two supplements:

"Pop to Debloat," dedicated to reducing bloating and enhancing digestive comfort with specific Bifidobacterium strains for gas reduction and gut support.

The inclusion of Saccharomyces Boulardii aims to soothe the gut, reducing discomfort often linked to IBS and alleviating IBS symptoms.

Additionally, the kit offers a personalised consultation with an expert, providing tailored guidance on food and supplementation for your specific needs.

When can I expect to see improvements in my IBS and bloating symptoms?

While individual experiences may differ, many individuals begin to notice improvements in their symptoms within a few weeks of consistent use.

Can it be used long-term for prevention rather than treatment?

All strains in Sova supplements are recognised as safe for long-term use. This means you can employ these supplements preventively to enhance overall gut health, even if you don't presently experience bloating or IBS-related issues. A balanced gut environment is pivotal in preventing digestive discomfort. It's wise to adhere to the suggested dosage for routine maintenance.

Can I change the dosage of the supplements based on my needs?

Sticking to the recommended dosage is wise. For any dosage adjustments, consult a healthcare professional to ensure safe and effective use. Feel free to schedule a consultation with Sova's Gut Health Experts for personalised food and supplement recommendations here.

Can Sova's Supplements be taken with other medication?

Our supplements are safe to consume with medication but it is always best to check with your health care provider.

In the case of antibiotics, taking pre+probiotics together with antibiotics is safe and will not cause any adverse effects. However, antibiotics will drastically reduce the efficacy of probiotics because of their antibacterial properties. It is advisable to start taking the supplements one day after the antibiotics course is over.

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