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Eliminate Bloating & Excess Gas Long-Term | Gut Microbiome Test | Easy-to-Follow Dietary Recommendations based on Gut Profile | Personal Certified Nutritionists | Non - Restrictive & Non - Judgemental Guidance | Daily Check-Ins | Sova Care Manager Support | 4 Month Program | No-Result-Money-Back Guarantee

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Eliminate Excess Gas
Eliminate Bloating & Burping
Optimal Digestion & Gut Repair
Eliminate Heaviness After Meals

Eat Delicious Foods, No Worries Attached! ▼

Tired of bland salads and food anxiety? Our program lets you enjoy your favourite Indian dishes without triggering bloating & excess gas.

Partner with our Certified Nutritionists for personalised Nutrition Plans that align with your taste buds. Enjoy meals that are not just tasty but also easy on your stomach!

Unlock Root Causes of Bloating with a Gut Microbiome Test ▼

Imbalances in the Gut contribute to bloating, passing gas & indigestion.

Our cutting-edge Gut Microbiome Testing reveals the secrets behind bloating. No more guesswork—our program identifies the root causes and provides relief.

Let your Gut Profile guide us in restoring balance, kicking gassiness to the curb!

Goodbye, Medication. Home food to the rescue! ▼

Why rely on meds when you can feast on homemade goodness? Our Nutrition Therapy, personalised to your Gut profile, turns food & supplements into your new medicine.

Probiotics and delightful meals work together, aiming to free you from medication's grip.

Long-Term Relief, Not Quick Fixes! ▼

We're not about temporary solutions; it's a lifestyle revolution! Discover your food and lifestyle triggers for a healthier, balanced Gut and life.

Equip yourself with tools for an acidity-free life, no more short-term fixes!

Gut-Heal in 4 Phases ▼

Embark on a 4-month journey of "Gut Heal."

Phase 1: Microbiome Test to decode your Gut.

Phase 2: Personalized Meal Plans by our Nutrition Coaches.

Phase 3: Bid farewell to harmful bacteria and welcome back the good guys.

Phase 4: Freedom from bloating & medication! Reintroduce those hard-to-digest foods, now handled smoothly. The phase-by-phase process is explained further in the section below.

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Success Stories with Sova


"I am now free of all symptoms" says Sumangala who had gastric pain, bloating & was diagnosed with H. Pylori in 2020. She credits the Gut Test and our dedicated Nutritionist.


"I tried Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Allopathy but nothing worked till I found Sova" says Vipul, a medical professional who eliminated Bloating, IBS and Gut Dysbiosis.


Got questions? Consult a Gut Expert

Book a consultation with Sova's Gut Health Expert. Get recommendations on your condition and which course of action is right for you.

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Our Gut Experts

Max Kushnir

Co-Founder of Sova Health
Geneticist M.Sc. (Cancer Genomics)

Gargi Sareen

Certified Nutrition Scientist
B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Dr. Swaramya C

Medical Advisor
M.S. & M.B.B.S.
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Madhurima Bhattacharya

Certified Nutrition Scientist
M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition


Certified Nutrition Scientist
M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics

Prerna Pant

Certified Nutrition Scientist
M.Sc. Foods and Nutrition

Mariyam Fatima

Certified Nutrition Scientist
M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics

Mahima Madaan

Certified Nutrition Scientist
M.Sc. Food and Nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is gut health important for managing bloating and gas?

    Gut health is vital for managing bloating and gas because imbalances in the gut microbiome can lead to excessive gas production and discomfort. A healthy gut microbiome helps regulate digestion and can reduce the occurrence of bloating.

  • Can I still enjoy my favorite foods while following the program to reduce bloating and gas?

    While it's essential to make dietary adjustments, you can still enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. The program aims to help you identify triggers and manage symptoms, allowing for flexibility in your diet.

  • How long does it take to see improvements in bloating and gas symptoms on the program?

    Many people experience significant relief from bloating and gas within the first few weeks of the program. However, individual response times may vary. Consistency with the program and adherence to dietary recommendations are crucial.

  • Can chronic bloating and gas lead to other health concerns?

    Chronic bloating and gas can be indicative of underlying digestive issues. If left unaddressed, it may lead to discomfort, impaired nutrient absorption, and may be associated with conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

  • Can I continue taking medications for bloating and gas while on the program?

    Your nutritionist will work with you to gradually reduce or discontinue medications as your symptoms improve. It's important to collaborate with your nutritionist throughout the program.

  • Can a gut microbiome analysis help identify the causes of my bloating and gas issues?

    A gut microbiome analysis can reveal imbalances in the gut microbiome that may contribute to bloating and gas issues. Your nutritionist will use this information to tailor a dietary and lifestyle plan to improve your gut health and alleviate symptoms.

  • What are some common imbalances in the gut microbiome that may contribute to bloating and gas?

    Common imbalances include an overgrowth of gas-producing bacteria, slow transit time of food through the intestines, or imbalances in the gut's microbial composition. Addressing these imbalances is key to managing bloating and gas through gut health.

Customer Reviews

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NO MORE GAS A BLOATING! i can eat whatever i want now and it makes me so happy to finally live free!


very impressive program. glad to see a holitic appreoach like this in India.


Sova coaches have been great - I am so glad I found them. I feel like she really listens to her clients' individual needs and works in a very perceptive and flexible way. It was very interesting to begin to get a holistic understanding of how my gut works and learn ways of eradicating and minimising different bloating symptoms. I still have a bit of a journey to go, and plan to check in with Madhurima in a couple of months, but the progress I've made is amazing.


Working with Gargi has been massively beneficial for me. I came to her with gas, flatulence and bloating related issues and she was able to guide and advise me to a place where I am largely now symptom free over a course of a few weeks. Her guidance around supplements for both myself and my children has also been extremely valuable.


Team sova was very thorough in understanding what I wanted nutritional advice for and provided in depth advice and recommendations based on my initial consultation. It’s helped me focus on changing my lifestyle but in a realistic way and found the recipes provided as part of this service good so far and an inspiration to think more about my food choices to positively influence my health.