The reason you spend hours hours in the loo - Constipation 101

The reason you spend hours hours in the loo - Constipation 101

We've all experienced it: spending hours in the washroom while straining and pushing, and fighting your own bowels. One of the most unpleasant conditions - constipation affects millions of individuals worldwide and causes more than simply physical discomfort. It's a subject that frequently causes awkward silence and awkwardness. But do not worry; we have examined the situation in depth and sought the advice of our Sova Health health experts. 

Constipation: What is it Exactly?

Constipation is not just about how frequently you defecate; it's also about how well you poop. A functional gastrointestinal condition called constipation is characterized by irregular and challenging bowel motions. There may be a feeling that the bowels haven't been completely empty when the stools are hard and dry. 

The Culprits: Causes Revealed

It can be challenging to identify the underlying causes of constipation, which can make it a frustrating and uncomfortable disease. However, a number of reasons, such as the following, may cause constipation:

  • Low on Fiber: A lack of high-fiber foods such fruits, vegetables, and cereals can cause sluggish bowel movements and make it difficult to pass poop.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Sudden adjustments to your daily schedule or eating habits can interfere with your body's normal digestive functions and cause constipation.
  • Ignoring Bowel Urges: Ignoring bowel urges can cause constipation by upsetting the regular cycle of your digestive system.
  • Medication: Some drugs, such as opioid analgesics or antacids containing calcium or aluminum, might cause constipation by slowing down bowel movements. 
  • Dehydration: If you don't drink enough water, your stools may become firm and challenging to pass.

Defeating Constipation: Solutions to Ease the Discomfort

It's time to solve the mystery of constipation now that we have identified its causes. 

  • A diet high in fibre, produce, whole grains, and cereals can aid in softening stools and encouraging regular bowel movements. 
  • It's also essential to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. 
  • Regular exercise, such as brisk walking or jogging, can encourage bowel movements and maintain a healthy digestive tract.
  • Establishing A Routine - To encourage your body to have regular bowel movements, establish a regular bathroom routine, such as sitting on the toilet at the same time each day.
  • Be Aware of Medicines: A number of drugs, including certain antacids, antidepressants, and opioids, can cause constipation. Consult your doctor regarding the same.
  • If necessary, discuss other choices with your healthcare professional and include any medications you are currently taking.

Even though constipation is a common disease, you don't have to endure it in silence. You can get past the painful disease and resume having no problems in the bathroom with the appropriate information, remedies, and lifestyle modifications. In order to find the best solutions for you, don't let constipation hold you back. Instead, be creative with your approaches and seek the advice of a healthcare specialist at Sova. 

Our team of specialists at Sova Health is committed to deciphering the secrets of constipation and informing patients on the different variables that may contribute to this painful condition. Our staff dives deeply into the potential causes and offers thorough solutions, from not obtaining enough fiber in your diet to changes in routine or lifestyle, neglecting the desire to pass stools, prescription side effects, insufficient water intake, and even anxiety. Happy pooping!

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