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Sova GutHeal 4 Month Nutrition Program

Sova GutHeal 4 Month Nutrition Program

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Consults with Certified Nutrition Scientist | 4 Months | No Result No Pay Policy 

Sova GutHeal is a foolproof solution which can be personalized to match your needs to help you see significant improvements in your symptoms and eliminate Gut concerns such as acidity, bloating, constipation, IBS, diarrhoea, etc for life.

1-1 guidance from a Certified Nutritionist

✅ Daily check-ins and meal monitoring

✅ Full Support from Care Managers

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Coach Only (Nutri-Hacking)

4 months | Personalized nutrition | Certified Nutrition Scientist | Significant improvements in symptoms |


What you get:

  • 13 consultations with a Certified Nutrition Scientist
  • Understand the primitive cause of your condition
  • 50+ regular check-ins & interactions
  • Improve symptoms with personalized nutrition & lifestyle habits
  • Eat variety of foods while discovering potential triggers
  • Non-restrictive & empathetic nutritional guidance for 80+ meals
  • AM to PM assistance and expert support

Sova GutHeal: How It Works

Nutri - Hacking

  • Meet your Nutrition Scientist and accountability partner
  • Identify and eliminate your condition-specific triggers 
  • Non-judgemental guidance on eating habits
  • 1-1 support with daily food decisions to reduce uncertainty
  • Science-backed nudges towards a sustainable lifestyle

Message from Max

In India, 56% of the population (1 person in every family) suffers from Gut issues. 450 million people have been diagnosed with chronic conditions. We're here to finally shift the narrative from SICKcare to HEALTHcare with a solution that lasts.

  • Max Kushnir

    Co-Founder of Sova Health, Geneticist

    MSc (Cancer Genomics)

    5+ years of experience

  • Gargi Sareen

    Nutrition Scientist

    BSc. Nutrition & Dietetics

    2+ years of experience

  • Dr. Swaramya C

    Medical Advisor

    M.S. & M.B.B.S.,

    Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Got doubts?


Can I solve multiple conditions in one plan?

Yes! Sova's GutHeal plan is designed to cater to people suffering from bloating, constipation, reflux, Acidity, Lax motions, stomach pain, GERD and IBS. Inform your personal Nutrition Scientist of your symtpoms and the plan will be tweaked to your needs.

Which coaching plan includes a Gut Microbiome Test?

The "Test + Coach" plan is inclusive of a comprehensive Gut Microbiome Test as well as 4 months of personalised Nutrition Coaching.

How customisable is the plan?

Sova GutHeal is highly customisable to your needs. Inform your personal Nutrition Scientist and Care Team of your needs and the team will enure to tweak the plan to suit you.

Will I get a meal plan?

You’ll get something much better- diet recommendations that are personalized to your food preference, routine and goals. Your Nutrition Scientist will analyze your meals to teach you how to improve your diet for life.

Can someone on medication do the plan? Will I get off medication? 

Yes. Our experts are confident you will be able to stop or reduce medication dependence with the "Test + Coach" 4 month plan.

We will monitor your progress and reduce/eliminate medications accordingly. 

Who will be incharge of my health?

We have a team of highly qualified Doctors, Clinical Nutrition Scientists, specialists and other experts to carry you through the Gut Health plan. View our 'About Us' Section to learn more

I have questions. Can I contact Sova Support for free?

Of course. Sova Support is always a call or message away. Feel free to whatsapp us via the chat box on the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can also email us at

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