Funding Alert! Sova Health Raises USD 350K

Sova Health Raises USD 350K From CIIE.Co, Practical VC, Lets Venture and Others to Accelerate Growth of Proactive, Preventive and Personalized Healthcare for all

Sova Health, India’s first precision nutrition platform has raised a USD 350K financing round bringing Sova’s cumulative funding to $450k. The round was led by “The Innovation Continuum for the Changemakers, an incubator established by IIM-Ahmedabad and saw participation from Silicon valley based Practical VC, Lets Venture & Angels. Sova Health has also been selected to Hongkong based BRINC’s Food Tech Accelerator Program. The company has previously raised a pre-seed round from Antler, aglobal early stage VC fund.

Sova Health was founded by two time tech entrepreneur Tanveer Singh, Max Kushnir an Israeli geneticist and Rahul Tiwari, an IIT Roorkee alumnus to help consumers simplify healthy eating through an evidence-based and data-driven ecosystem of products and services. The company will use the funds to build out the first version of their AI-driven recommendation engine and bring in key talent across verticals.

“Covid has pushed people to take a proactive approach to health. While people have become more conscious, only by understanding the unique food needs of our body can we prevent the occurrence of lifestyle disease. Sova Health is a step towards uncomplicating food decisions and adopting a proactive, preventive and personalized healthcare routine that everyone can benefit from” says Tanveer Singh, CEO & Co-founder, Sova Health

According to GOQii India Fit Report 2020, lifestyle diseases such as thyroid, diabetes, hypertension are on the rise in India. A staggering 71 percent of the women fall in the unhealthy category and young adults in the 19-30 age group have the unhealthiest habits and demonstrate a high propensity to be afflicted by lifestyle diseases.

Chintan Antani, spokesperson, said, "The one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition is largely ineffective. Sova applies science and technology to provide precision nutrition to consumers, which addresses the root cause of the health condition and brings efficiency to the process. There is a huge unmet need for this kind of approach today."

At the core of Sova Health’s precision nutrition platform is the AI-driven recommendation engine that combines blood biomarkers with key health statistics, personal goals, and preferences to identify the most optimal food to achieve health goals.

“In order to achieve safe and measurable results through precision nutrition, one must start by looking under the hood to understand how the body responds to current lifestyle and habits. Sova health understands the root cause of your issues through blood biomarker analysis, the medical gold standard to diagnose the body's nutritional state and identify any irregularities” says Max Kushnir, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, Sova Health

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