Our Mission

Sova Health is on a mission to add a billion healthy years to people's lives through biome-based precision care.

Our Founders

A biohacker and an entrepreneur met in Berlin and had a visionary baby. They named it Sova Health.

  • Tanveer Singh | Co-Founder & CEO

    • 2x Founder, 10+ years experience in tech startups
    • Founding member of Series B funded startup
    • Former national-level tennis player
  • Max Kushnir | Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

    • Geneticist, MSc Cancer Genomics from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
    • 2x Founder, BioHubIL - Israel’s first community BioLab & Performa - gut microbiome startup
    • BioHacker

Experts by your side!

With Sova, you have a team of experts and supporters dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and getting results.

  • Certified Nutrition Scientists

    Personal nutrition scientists will monitor meals, recommend additions and educate you on Nutrition 101.

  • Behavioural Psychologist and Specialists

    Doctors and specialists provide behavioural nudges and medical interventions when required.

  • Support & Care Managers

    Dedicated to making your journey smooth, they offer schedules, reminders, check ins and answers to all your doubts.

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  • Science at Core

    Our solutions are rooted in research and constantly evolve based on the latest academic advancements.

  • Result Driven

    Our team of highly skilled professionals are goal oriented and trained to deliver results.

  • Transparency

    We're proud of our ethical products and processes. We believe in transparent communication with all our stakeholders.

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  • CIIE


  • Practical VC




  • Goodwater Capital US


  • Let's Venture


  • Artesian Australia


  • Antler


  • Dave McClure


  • Mohit Srivastava

    Angel Investor

  • Mohan Uttarwar

    Angel Investor

  • Sandeep Ramesh

    Strategic Advisor

    and Investor

  • Dr. Swaramya C.

    Medical Advisor

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Meet the team

that's shifting the status quo from SickCare to HealthCare

  • Riya Jithu

    Head of Marketing Communications

  • Radhika Kothari

    Behavioural Science Expert

  • Dhaval Parekh

    Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Kushal Puniya

    Sales Associate

  • Palak Vishwakarma

    Operations Manager

  • Arshad Ansari

    Associate - Operations

  • Jyotsna Sharma

    Graphic Designer

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Nutrition in India is still being looked at very superficially: Tanveer Singh, Health News, ET HealthWorld


What is Sova?

Sova is India's first full-stack Gut Health solution. We have a three-fold approach to eliminating digestive, metabolic, and chronic conditions which includes Gut Microbiome Testing, Gut Health Plans and Supplements.

Who develops the Health Plans?

We have a team of highly qualified Doctors, Clinical Nutrition Scientists, specialists and research assistants who develop the programs with extensive research and clinical studies.

How can I contact customer support?

Of course. Sova Support is always a call or message away. Feel free to Whatsapp us via the chat box on the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can also email us at support@sova.health or drop your contact details in the form below!

Who can I contact to discuss brand partnerships?

You can email us at partnerships@sova.health or dm us on Instagram @sova.health.

Looking forward to working with you!

How can I work for Sova?

You can email us at support@sova.health or dm us on Linkedin @sova.health.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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